Zippy Paws Grunterz

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GRUNTERZ – Large stuffed plush toy “grunts” when pressed!

ZippyPaws’ toys just got a lot tougher with these Z-Stitch® prehistoric animals! Featuring ZippyPaws’ exclusive Z-Stitch® webbing and cross-stitched fabric for durability, each toy includes a loud Grunter Squeaker and features cute plaid accents.
Grunterz with Z-Stitch® is tough and durable with fortifying layers of fabric.

What is Z-Stitch®? Z-Stitch® is a special stitching technique used for toys’ border webbing that covers more area than regular stitches, making the toys extra strong! Z-Stitch® toys are reinforced with multiple layers of mesh and durable fabric lining.

Approx size: 22.5 x 30.5 x 15.5cm