Vets Choice - Large Breed Puppy

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Vets Choice offers a range of tasty diets suitable for a variety of dogs, which are which are both highly nutritious and very digestible.

Formulated by South African vets, Vets Choice is instantly recognisible by its eye-catching packaging and is available in various bag sizes ranging from 1.8kg to 20kg.

With Omega 3 and Omega 6 for skin and coat health, an antioxidant complex to help keep your pet in peak condition, a specially adapted kibble for dental hygiene and an adjusted calcium and phosphorus ratio suited to the age of your pet; Vets Choice is the answer for owners who want the best for their dogs.

Large Breed Puppy: For large & giant breeds up to 18 months. Formulated for the correct growth of large dogs; vitamins and minerals are fortified with a controlled Calcium and Phosphorous ratio including restricted energy levels to support sound skeletal development.