Dog & Cat Shampoo

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The Purl Regular Pet Dog & Cat Shampoo is a luxury pearly shampoo containing lanolin and is mild enough for everyday use on dogs and cats. It lathers richly and helps to reduce offensive skin odours leaving the coat soft, lustrous and pleasant smelling. Helping your pooch maximize cuddle time from the family.

The Purl Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo is a natural shampoo for DOGS ONLY, containing Australian tea tree oil, lanolin and conditioners. Tea tree oil is known for its insect-repellent properties and will soothe insect bite areas. Ideal for the dogs living in areas affected by insects.

The Purl Advanced De-tangling Dog & Cat Shampoo is a pearly shampoo especially formulated for long-haired dogs and cats. The specialised conditioning properties including cosmetic silicone's and coconut oil are excellent for de-tangling long-haired coats which will not irritate pet's skin as the PH is neutral.

The Purl Advanced Hypo-allergenic Dog & Cat Shampoo is formulated to cause minimal irritation for dogs and cats with sensitive skins as its a a mild, non-irritant, "no-tears" shampoo free of colour and perfume. Helping pets with discomfort so that they can focus on the fun stuff in life.

The Puppy Mild Shampoo is a gentle low-foaming conditioning shampoo specially formulated to suit the needs of puppies of all ages and breeds. Ideal for when the puppies inexperience in life gets them very messy.