BioSafe™ Germ Smart Dog Toys

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BioCote Protected. A more hygienic toy for
your pet and your family.
BioCote is an antimicrobial
An antimicrobial is something that prevents
the growth and survival of microbes
including bacteria, mould and fungi.
BioCote technology protects surfaces from
microbes resisting the potentially negative
impact they can have on a product, resulting
in a number of benefits.
BioCote technology will:
Make a product more hygienic, if it is likely to
host microbes harmful to human health.
Keep a product fresher for longer, if it is likely
to host odour-causing or staining microbes.
Extend the usable lifetime of a product, if it is
likely to host microbes which might degrade
the surface.
What does BioCote technology do?
BioCote technology provides long-lasting
protection to a product by creating a surface
upon which microbes cannot survive. It
therefore reduces the level of microbes on
a surface.
Lower levels of bacteria means improved
hygiene and reductions in staining, odours
and premature degradation of materials.
BioCote technology:
• Is proven effective against a wide range of
bacteria, fungi & the H1N1 virus
• Reduces microbes by up to 99.99%
• Significant reductions within 15 minutes
• Up to 99.5% reduction in just 2 hours
• Works continuously for the expected
lifetime of the product